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ICOM 8 Pin Round (Foster) Cable

SKU: 1001000

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Radio Compatibility: EQ/iBox/iPlus Output Cable to IC251, IC271A, IC78, IC707, IC718, IC725, IC735, IC745, IC746, IC746PRO,IC751, IC756, IC756PRO, IC756PRO 2, IC756PRO3, IC765, IC775, IC781, IC821,IC910H, IC970H, IC7200,IC7300,IC7400, IC7410, IC7600, IC7610, IC7700, IC7800, IC7850, Ic7851, IC820H ,IC9100 (5 Pin DIN to 8 Pin (Foster) Mic Connector)

ICOM 8 Pin Round (Foster) Cable


Compatibility: All W2IHY Audio Equalizers, iPlus Audio Switch + iBox