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ICOM Balanced Mod Cable (8 Pin DIN) Rear Accessory Connector

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Radio Compatibility: EQ/iBox/iPlus Output Cable to IC707, IC710, IC725, IC735, IC745, IC746, IC746PRO, IC756, IC756PRO, IC756PRO 2, IC756PRO3, IC765, IC775, IC781,IC910H, IC7400, IC7600, IC7610, IC7700, IC7800. ic7850, ic7851, IC820H (5 Pin DIN to 8 Pin DIN)

ICOM Balanced Mod Cable (8 Pin DIN)  Rear Accessory Connector


Compatibility: All W2IHY Audio Equalizers, iPlus Audio Switch + iBox This cable connects into the rear 8 pin DIN connector of the radio. Testing has shown on most ICOM radios the user will see superior overall audio (better lows) using this cable as compared with connecting to the 8 pin mic connector of the radio. .Connecting to the accessory connector bypasses several audio stages in the radio and is a more direct connection to the A to D converter or Balanced modulator in the radio, When using this cable, on most ICOM radios, the PTT will work however the VOX will not work. Audio levels to the radio are controlled by the device connected to this cable and not the microphone gain on the radio.